What We Offer

Elopements and Tiny Weddings

Are you laid back and carefree? Are you thrilled about your engagement but totally unsure where to start when it comes to wedding planning? Maybe the decisions are overwhelming and you don’t really know what you want or who you want to be there. Maybe you’re the type of person who appreciates beautiful weddings but you want to focus on your fiancé and living your life instead of little (medium and even big) wedding details. You might be the type of bride who has a few ideas of what you like but you don’t want to spend time obsessing over little things. We’ll take your budget, ideas and personality and we will work through every step with you to ensure a stress-free experience from getting engaged to leaving for your honeymoon. This option is optimal for small weddings or brides who want to make as few decisions as possible.

Partial Planning

Do you know what you want but are unsure of how to execute your dreams? Sometimes the options and phone calls seem endless. We will analyze your wish list and budget and take over the parts of wedding planning that seem too stressful. From vendor coordinating to venue set up, invitations, rehearsal walk through and even wedding day arrangements... You tell us what seems difficult or stressful about the whole process and we will either take care of it completely or help you choose the best option for your style and budget.

Wedding Day Coordination

What is most important to you on your wedding day? Do you long for a day where you can focus on your new husband, your family and friends and simply enjoy all of the details you’ve been working on for months? You’re a go-getter bride who knows what you want and how to get it all done before the wedding. But you don’t want to be the one doing all the heavy lifting and organizing on your wedding day! Starting with your rehearsal, we will be the ones doing the grunt work and keeping everything on track. Let us work with your vendors on setting up, tearing down and everything in between!

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We also throw bridal showers, bachelorette parties, design invitations, work with bridal parties and give them jobs to do, call vendors, help with set up, help with clean up, organize and direct rehearsals, MC, DJ, and DIY... tell us what you need help with and we'll see what we can do!

Meet the Team

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Richard and Maggie

Xavier and Emily

Richard and Maggie got married on August 20th 2016. To stay on budget, Maggie learned hand-lettering and made tons of original signs and artwork for their reception. They had a beautiful morning wedding with just enough rain to make the sun's appearance magical. Because they love breakfast food, they incorporated an epic pancake bar into their reception and cut a coffee cake as their dessert. 


Maggie is a delegating master. She is both focused and super sweet... which makes her the best at getting things done and making it an enjoyable process. She is also great at knowing when to say no and how to put a bunch of ideas together to make it all work


Richard is a dance master and a great MC/DJ/ light-stand holder. He is a wizard at assembling things and helping with odd tasks. He's even been known to serve as a short distance getaway car driver (so photos can be steering wheel free)!


Xavier and Emily got married on August 22nd 2015. They had a giant outdoor wedding with tons of kids, dancing and bottle rockets. Because of their desire to stay on budget, they did a TON of DIY projects and got a boat load of help from their super sweet friends. Because of their love for muffins, they replaced their "cake-cutting" with a "muffin-cutting" and served a wide array of pies for dessert.


Emily is a passionate photographer and obsessive planner. She is also a dreamer and a doer... which makes her super energetic and very productive. She is great at talking to vendors and making timelines work efficiently.


Xavier is a pro assistant photographer and an expert at keeping people on task. He is a genius at knowing how to make things work and he'll probably get the best photographs of your dessert.