I love working with real people. Real people are funny, messy, so unique and absolutely beautiful. Real people know that they don't have to reach a level of perfection before they schedule family photos. They treasure the phases of their family and want memories of it all! Working with real couples who want to showcase their personality more than a Pinterest dream board is one of my favorite things ever. Real people have real lives, amazing stories, deep memories and radiant smiles. 


My mantras:

Real people deserve nice photos

Get in the picture (your kids will thank you later)

Print, print, print (why else would I give you a copyright free CD? Print those beauties!!)

About Me

  • I am 5'10". Whenever I meet people they mention my height, but being tall helps me take photos in a crowd and always work the best angles!

  • I'm crazy sentimental and I have a special place in my heart for classic love stories.

  • I will never say no to ice cream or grilled cheese.

  • I'm the oldest of 6 kids, so I'm very used to energetic children!

  • If I could choose only one TV show to watch over and over it would be Parks and Rec. I want to have the relationship of April and Andy with the motivation of Leslie.

  • Peonies are by far my favorite flowers and I like growing plants, but I can't seem to keep any of them alive.

  • I'm a dog person with two cats... but I love them despite their non-dog-ness.

  • My favorite color is kona blue and I love it even more when paired with coral pink.

  • Wedding days that I get to photograph are some of my favorite days of the whole year.

About the Team

My Second Shooter:

Xavier has been my assistant at weddings since before we were married. After a few weekends of carrying bags, making sure I stayed hydrated and helping me stay on schedule during family portraits, he decided to practice second shooting and after a few wedding seasons, he became my regular second shooter! He will likely find the best angle for the wedding cake shots... I don't know how, but I guess he has an eye for food!

Our Assistants:

#gamora_and_nebula are the silliest cats but we love having them in the office! They are great little editing buddies!