B&G Weddings

We are passionate about seeing couples start their marriage well. After photographing over a dozen weddings, I started thinking about the ways that I wanted to challenge the status quo that says weddings have to be stressful and expensive. I have seen so many amazing weddings and I'm always caught thinking, "Why can't all weddings be stress-free, gorgeous and affordable?" Maybe they can be! My friend Maggie Gallo and I launched the early stages of B & G (Brumwell and Gallo) Weddings in 2017. B & G couples desire a lasting marriage more than a wedding day, they want to streamline their planning to obtain a lovely, budget friendly wedding, and most of all they don't want decisions and planning to distract them from making their day about the commitment and love that brought them together. One of our favorite things to witness on a wedding day is a bride and groom focusing on each other and their loved ones, not fretting about too many traditions, details or schedules, and soaking up all the moments. We want to help that vision become a reality for you! 


If you're looking for help delegating tasks, narrowing down ideas, finding deals, crafting DIYs, talking to vendors, throwing a bridal shower, staying on budget, or directing the rehearsal and taking charge of the clean up... we've done it all and would love to chat!