You're engaged! The most precious relationship of your life is about to get even more unique and special! When I first started taking pictures of people I was intrigued by photos that showed people's relationships. Family photography became my passion and I loved it. Then I was asked to shoot a wedding and I became obsessed with the new depth of emotion and relationship that I saw at weddings. From what I've  experienced, weddings that are truly centered around relationships are the most meaningful and inspiring. I LOVE when brides choose to go outside the box, think up their own ideas for decorating and not feel trapped by every single one of the age-old wedding traditions (for example, my husband and I cut a muffin at our wedding instead of a cake because we prefer muffins... nothing against cake but it was a tradition I didn't feel I HAD to keep. You might want a cake - and that's totally cool - but if you can think of ways to make the day reflect who you and your spouse are then the whole day will feel much more personal!)   


If you're dreaming about an outdoor, intimate or destination wedding then fill out the rest of your story below and let's chat!